Highest Thread Count Sheets

We all love our beds and sliding into bed with soft sheets can feel like heaven .Thread count is an important factor that can help you decide on the quality and durability of a material. When going out to select a bed sheet be use to have a look at the thread count.

Highest Thread Count SheetsWhat is thread count?

Thread count in simple terms is defined as the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric both horizontally as well as vertically. To improve the quality of the sheet some extra thread known”picks” can be woven into the weft threads to increase the thread count.

What is the fuss about?

The greater the thread counts the greater the softness and durability of the sheet. One of the criterions that is considered important while buying a sheet is the thread count. The hype about thread count started about 10 yrs back and sellers are increasingly selling sheets with higher thread counts at very high prices this is specially the case with Egyptian cotton where the sellers have achieved thread counts of about 1000 selling them at astronomical prices.

The truth about thread count:

There are a number of factors that affect the quality of the sheet. High thread count as a means to sell sheets become popular in 1990s. While the greatest thread count that could be achieved earlier was merely 400 now manufacturers claim to be achieving a thread count of 1000. This is achieved by altering the construction i.e. the way in which the sheet is made. The manufacturers are increasing the thread count by increasing the ply arms as in sometimes 2 ply yarns are used and sometimes multiple yarns (picks) are inserted into the weft. The highest thread count that can be achieved with a single ply arm is 400. It is thus suggested that the construction also be considered when thinking about the sheet construction.

Factors other than thread count to consider:

Thread count certainly matters but there are other factors that must also be considered when you think of buying a sheet. Look for these factors to when you buy a sheet:

The fibre or the material: a sheet that is made of a fine material such as 100% cotton even if it doesn’t have a very high thread count will be great. The best sheets are of course cotton sheets and they have the best qualities allowing breathability and are extremely soft . a factor to consider while buying cotton sheets is the long staple cotton, the best quality sheets have fibres made up of long staple cotton.

Yarn Size: yarn size refers to the finesse of the fibres thus if a sheet has higher yarn size it is finer and thus softer. 40 and 100 is the yarn size in good quality sheets and this can go up to 120s for the really best quality sheets. You can achieve a Higher thread count  with finer yarns, as they  can be woven into a square inch. Therefore finer yarns mean better sheets.

Finishing: finishing involves 2 processes singeing and mercerizing . the first involves burns off the tiny fuzz that can later develop into pilling on your sheets. While Mercerizing affects the strength, lustre, and affinity for dye. Bed sheets with poor quality are not singed or mercerized. Some sheets are treated with chemicals to finish them. The best quality sheets are not treated with chemicals and cost a little more.

Weave: the weave affects the price, longevity and feel of the sheet. Certain terms to keep in mind when considering the weave of the sheet are Percale these are plain weave fabrics with a thread count of 180, Sateen cotton sheets with soft, lustrous feel and Combed cotton where  the short fibres are removed and the long ones left to make a strong, soft fabric.

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